Today at Utopia: The Future is Here

Join us today at Utopia for two of the most special events of the festival – The Utopia Futurological Congress and the Time Travelers’ Meetup.

The Utopia Futurological Congress

Day by day the future becomes more complex and challenging than ever before. With the huge leaps in scientific research and technological innovation come social changes, political turmoil and cultural (r)evolution. We need new big and visionary ideas to face the possibilities tomorrow holds, and science fiction supplies them in abundance – being a laboratory for thought experiments, a hotbed for innovation and a platform for creative and critical discourse on science, society and the future.

In our 2nd year, we continue to galvanize the Utopia community – a conjunction of curious, creative and driven people that are both excited and anxious with the coming future. The congress is a convergence of dreamers and visionaries – techies and entrepreneurs, scholars and scientists, artists and designers, hackers, makers and generally “crazies” of all shapes and sizes. The Congress will consist of three panels, each with tech and science, society and culture perspectives: Hope, Anxiety and Israel.

The Time Travelers’ Meetup

The idea of “time travel” has gained much popularity in our culture in the last century, and is discussed in numerous scientific articles, films and books, while presented both as fiction and non-fiction. During the event visitors will get the chance to listen to time stories, learn about the scientific concept of “time travel”, get an overview of exotic models of time machines in literature, and much, much more.

Thinking about ending the night with a good movie?

The Young and Prodigious T.S. Spivet, Space Station 76, another screening of our opening film, Terry Gilliam’s The Zero Theorem, and much more – today at the cinematheque!