Director:Gabriel Grieco
Actors:Berta Muniz, Luz Cipriota, Amin Yoma
Argentina | 2014 | Spanish (Hebrew subtitles) | 97min

Saturday 20.9, 19:30 - 21:30 | Hall 2

A series of brutal murders haunts a small town in Argentina. Curiously, all of these murders are somehow related to the cattle industry. An ambitious journalist sets out to investigate the murders, but as she gets deeper into the mystery and closer to finding the solution, she inevitably finds herself in the path of the killer. The sharp and powerful slasher film is set at the heart of the long-standing Argentinian tradition of cattle-raising and meat production, and delivers a hefty dose of social commentary. First-time writer and director Daniel Grieco introduces the viewer to a serial killer that is here to avenge the blood of all the animals harmed by man’s cruel hand.