Director:Danielle Jadelyn
Actors:Ilanit Gershon Weiss, Avri Arbel, Maayan Malka
Israel | 2013 | Hebrew (English subtitles) | 80min

Thursday 18.9, 19:00 - 20:30 | Hall 2

Natalie suffers from an OCD that prevents her from leaving her apartment. He spends her days looking out her window, watching Guy, a young man who walks by every day, hoping one day he will love her as she loves him. Guy plans to commit suicide but insists on losing his virginity first. Suffering from severe social phobia, he turns to pixie, a kind-hearted whore with a strange eating disorder, who gives him more than he has bargained for. The three find themselves spending the night together, a night full of adventure, horror, madness and passion. When the force of reality crashes against the shield of their illnesses, they will realize they have the power to either cure or destroy one another.