Director:Boaz Armoni, Writer: Lior Lederman
Actors:Itay Zvolon, Eran Peretz, Ofer Ruthenberg, Assaf Ben-Shimon, Kye Korabelnikov
Israel | 2014 | Hebrew (English subtitles) | 84min

Tuesday 16.9, 19:45 - 21:15 | Hall 4

A horror comedy starring Itay Zvulun (Yanir the Shift Manager). Matan is an IDF soldier sent to a remote base in Northern Israel for a week of guard duty. He’s frightened, upset and misses his mother, and makes an easy target for the other soldiers that would not give him a break. During the week, strange things begin to occur at the base, which lead the soldiers to believe they might not make it out of there alive. The film received rave reviews at its’ premiere at the Cinema South Film Festival.