The Lab’ Project Exhibition’


The event will take place at the Tel Aviv Cinematheque througout the festival, 15:00-21:00 pm.

A first public look at the Lab - over the course of several months, “The Lab” has brought group of authors and designers to meet with top researchers and technological entrepreneurs that develop breakthrough science and technology – on the verge of science fiction.

The workshop sessions mixed Israeli top cultural figures with scientists and "start-up nation" techies for a joint reflection on the future. The cultural output of these workshops sessions is a short story anthology, future images dealing with issues of science, technology, culture, language, society, politics etc…  the anthology will be published later on this year.

Three designers had taken part in the program – Lior Arditi, SagiRechter and Mysh Rozanov (project art director) and will flesh out visually the stories, with concept art. Utopia 2014 will present for the first time some of the stories and accompanying concept design, to the general public.

Participating authors: Shimon Adaf, Alex Epstein, Sarah Blau Oded Carmeli, Ortsion BartanaYali Sobol, Sarai Shavit| Anthology Editor: Noa Manheim | Artistic director of the project is Mysh, animator and film-maker, comics artists and lecturer at the Bezalel Academy of Art | Support of the project: Ministry of Culture, the Rabinovich Foundation, the Tel Aviv culture and arts department, the United States Embassy department of Public Diplomacy, The Israeli Lottery.