Israeli Shorts Competition

Israeli Shorts Competition

Hebrew (English subtitles) |

Friday 19.9, 13:30 - 15:00 | Hall 2

A Knock on the Door

Dir.: Eliran Elya

Starring: Assi Dayan, Rotem Keinan, Eliana Schejter, Assaf Ben Shimon, Tom Hagi

Into the life of a successful writer enters a foreigner who points a gun to his head and forces him to tell a story. There is a knock on the door and enters a Statistics Analyst. Strangely enough, he too points a gun at the writer's head and demands a story. The situation gets complicated, becomes unpleasant, violent and bloody. (10 minutes)



Dir.: Tal Zagreba

Starring: Eldad Prives, Riki Blich, Shmulik Kalderon, Ariel Bronz, Yogev Yefet, Oren Dolfin, Jeremy Elfassy, Jessica Kratz, Nadav Bossem, Neta Orbach, Elisha Ram.

Produced with the support of the New Fund for Cinema and Television. A poor street-artist tries to make people smile without any success, but when his frustration explodes - it becomes a hit. The tragedy is that the artist isn't aware to the consequences made by his facial expression - he doesn't have a clue how he affected the lives of many others. (6 minutes)

Killing time

Dir.: Rafi Shor

Starring: Gal Toren, Bar Sade, Elisabeth Kedem, Nir Shoshani

Confined in one room, Arik and Alona embark on a nostalgic trip through time and space where past and future will collide. Through their journey the two will come

to realize that clinging to sentimentality isn't the solution to their problems. The past must remain in past, the future doesn't exist and the present is all there is. (21 minutes)



Dir.: Niv Shpigel and Robert Romano

Produced with the support of the Rabinovich Film Fund and the Gesher Multicultural Film Fund. A man is sinking under the weight of his own memories. To survive, he must confront the question: Is our past more important than life? What would we give up in order to keep on going? (9 minutes)



Dir.: Yarden Kum

Starring: Michele Kazir, Ram Kahana, Maya Mishor

Israel 2034. Alma’s tidy and lonely world gets turned upside down when her android robot starts developing feelings. A terrible storm locks them in the house, forcing Alma to deal with the new situation. (10 minutes)



Dir.: Hadar Balas

Starring: Amitay Benyamini , Tamar Weinberger

9-year old Roy refuses to believe that the man landed on the moon and hopes to be the first "astroynaut" who will do it. (12 minutes)