Israeli Shorts 1 – Hosted by Utopia

Israeli Shorts 1 – Hosted by Utopia

Hebrew (English subtitles) |

Sunday 14.9, 16:30 - 17:45 | Hall 5

The Endless Mission to Mars

Dir.: Eyal Aviv & Amit Trapoznik

Produced with the support of the Fund for the Promotion of Short Formats, a collaboration between Sapir College and Keshet. An IDF delegation is sent to Mars in 2060. The Spaceship sergeant conducts cleaning orders for the Passover holiday when suddenly he finds out hoard of chametz at the spacecraft commander's office. Together they embark on the journey of burning chametz and finding the lost Afficoman. (18 minutes)



Dir.: Tom Szekely and Daniel Lichter

Follow a plucky astronaut hero on her first steps in a mission to TERRAFORM AN ENTIRE PLANET!



Dir.: Amir Kotigaro

Starring: Boogie Ben / Jonathan Gottesmann / Boaz Nir Shallom / Hadar Barabash / Shimon jiner / Ilil Israeli / Malka Finkelstein / Dora Eliyahu / Lior landau/ Isaac Rosen/ Yair Daniel

Jack and Charlie, two police detectives with Ninja powers try to defend the city from the evil Mr. Mustache. (5 minutes)


Dir.: Tal Almog

Starring: Dani Zehavi, Yael Netzer, Yafit Assoulin, Tal Haran, Katrina Tpelizky, Olga Korkolina, Noga Harel, Oren Papsimedov, Tal Somech

Produced with the support of Samsung Smart VOD. Rebound is a boyfriend rental service. Why settle for a conventional relationship when you can buy the real deal? (6 minutes)

Give me IDF

Dir.: Nadav Ruziewicz

Starring: Ber Paled, Yair Raufman

Produced with the support of the New Fund for Cinema and Television and the Haifa Cinematheque. Avri is looking for the army's secret unit entrance tests and ends up finding it with the help of a strange man that sits on a bench. Only then he understands that it's not exactly what he had in mind. (5 minutes)

Special Treatment

Dir.: Yochai Hadad

Produced with the support of World WIZO Organization, Kagan Center of Youth and Communications. An Arabic teacher comes to teach at a Jewish school for excellent students, and is amazed by a strange occurrence that takes place in the school. (7 minutes)


Shadow Puppets

Dir.: Adam Bizanski

Starring: Yehoyachin Friedlander, Tal Zamir, Fira Kantor

Produced with the support of the New Fund for Cinema and Television (NFCT). Set in Israel during the 80's, a young boy's role model uncle - a shadow puppet artist - is slowly losing his mind, drawn ever deeper into a web of Local folklore, Israeli Ethos, and unearthly puppetry. (19 minutes)