Israeli Shorts 2 – Dystopia

Israeli Shorts 2 – Dystopia

Hebrew (English subtitles) |

Monday 15.9, 16:45 - 17:45 | Hall 5

Late At Night

Dir.: Eyal Sibi

A young woman wakes up in the middle of the night because of strange voices coming from her living room. She has to come out of bed to deal with her fears - before the nightmare draws her in. (5 minutes)



Dir.: Alex Blau

A man rebuilds himself physically to fulfill his urge to transform. In order to become a birdman, Sasha must first remove his legs in exchange for claws, hammer a beak to his face, sow wings to his arms and replace his eyes. (3 minutes)

Guard I am

Dir.: Shai Itzhar

Starring: Tomer Galron, Noam Shenhav, Asaf Shlomo, Yaron Ben-Shaul, Chen Shilat

Amir is a reserve soldier, who is guarding alone on a foggy night. As he suspects a threat is coming, the line between reality and imagination becomes blurry. (11 minutes)


Dir.: Liran Dayan

A story about a man who has sleep paralysis. What if during the sleep paralysis someone tries to kill him? (18 minutes)



Dir.: Netanel Amos

What really happens when you fall asleep in front of your TV at night? (4 minutes)



Dir.: Paz Edry

Young couple tries to survive the drab reality that took control over their lives. Tired and hopeless, they go to sleep, hoping to find some peace.  (20 minutes)