Israeli Shorts 3 – Utopia

Israeli Shorts 3 – Utopia

Hebrew (English subtitles) |

Tuesday 16.9, 16:45 - 17:45 | Hall 5

Ann's dream

Dir.: Liraz Brosh

Starring: Ayala Zilberman, Sun Meiri

Anna practices lucid dream techniques in order to bring Emanuel into her reality.

These attempts end too quickly or turn into nightmares. Will the dream eventually come true? (15 minutes)

The Garden Keeper

Dir.: Gal Genossar, Ariad Shiknagi

Starring: Liel Krawczyk,Sara Agmon, Evyatar Halimi

Produced with the support of the Snunit Fund, The Second Authority for Television and Radio. An entire imaginary world develops within the mind of Yossi, a daydreaming adventurous boy who decides to save the "Emerald" preschool from the clutches of the teacher Lizzy. (10 minutes)



Dir.: Tomer Yaacoby

Starring: Dani Brusovany, Anael Blumenthal, Roy Calderon

In a contaminated and ruined world, a mourning man encounters a couple of thieves. With his help, one of the thieves realizes the bad path she took and decides to make up for it. (16 minutes)


Floating, Falling, Sweet Intoxication

Dir.: Shira Sznaider

Two street performers are surprised one evening by the return of their girlfriend. The three of them share a night of music, performance, drag and romance. (15 minutes)