Director:Mel Brooks
Actors:Bill Pullman, Daphne Zuniga, Rick Moranis, Mel Brooks, John Candy
USA | 1987 | English (Hebrew subtitles) | 96min

Tuesday 16.9, 22:15 - 00:30 | Hall 4

An insane parody that doesn’t stop for anything, from beginning to end. Master of parodies,Mel Brooks, takes the sci-fi genre and does not leave any known spaceship, television show or movie series unharmed, deconstructing those into tiny (and not-so-tiny) pieces of joy and laughter. All of that is accompanied by visuals effects that in 1987 were ahead of their time and remain unique to this day. Captain Lone Starr and his loyal companion Barfolomew embark on a mission to help Princess Vespa against Lord Dark Helmet, with the help of the all-knowing Yogurt.