Utopia on Rothschild Boulevard

Utopia on Rothschild Boulevard
Tuesday 16.9, 17:00 - 23:00 | Rothchild Blvd

As part of the DLD Tel Aviv Innovation Week, Utopia will participate in an evening event that will turn the boulevard into a futuristic and shining domain, brimming with technology, culture and digital art. Among the events is the Augmented Reality exhibition, bubble-blowing robots, computer games that will take us back in time and a huge screening of the beloved film WALL-E at Habima Square.

What can you expect?

STREET CINEMA - screening of sci-fi movies on the wall of the Habima national theater. 19:30-23:00. Main Feature: WALL-E, 20:15

LIVING ART - Future Tel-Aviv. A visual exhibition where supra-designs of the future city is augmented by digital dimensions viewed via smartphones and tablets.

RETRO-ARCADE - 'ye old arcade is back! The games who made history and the sound of falling gamecoins will be open for free play throughout the boulevard.

ART EXHIBITION - digital and interactive installations using innovative technologies, robotics and lasers. Yes, lasers.

What else?

TEENGuru EXPO- A Fair where teenagers will present innovative and technological projects they developed.

Fashion Tech – fashion, technology and media intersect in a stunning exhibition.

And more…

From Habima Square, throughout the main Startup Boulevard – Rothschild Blvd, and all the way to the new Rotschild 1 square.

More infromation on the Innovation Week Website.

The event is sponsored by and with the participation of:

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Free admission.