Israeli Cinema Morning

Israeli Cinema Morning
Friday 19.9, 10:00 - 13:00 | Hall 2

10:00-10:30 - Gathering and reception

10:30 - First session: Launch of a special program of the New Fund for Cinema & TV

A professional session with Dorit Inbar, Head of the NFCT, about the different fund programs, the fund's achievements, and the presence of fund-supported films at Utopia Festival and other local and global frameworks. 

During the session the fund will announce a new program for student short films about time travel, in collaboration with Utopia.

The session will be held in Hebrew. Duration: 30 minutes.

11:00 - Second session: Filmmaking in a Global Age

A professional panel with the festival's international guests, individuals from the film industry and active genre filmmakers. The discussion will focus on the international trends of funding, production, distribution and marketing of genre films - how they work worldwide and their contribution to the genre industry in Israel.

Participants: Mike Hostench (Sitges Film Festival in Catalonia, Spain), Shaked Berenson (Co-founder of Epic Pictures) and Israeli producer Elad Peleg.

Host: Dr. Pablo Utin

The session will be held in English. Duration: 90 minutes.

12:15 - Third session: Exclusive Unveiling of the Paz Brothers' new film JeruZaleman

An exclusive screening of teasers from JeruZalem, the new and long-awaited horror film by the Paz Brothers ("Phobidilia"). The event will include a discussion with the filmmakers about the project's unique journey, its production, special effects, and the future of Israeli genre films.

Participants: Yoav and Doron Paz, Shaked Berenson and members of the crew and production team.

Host: Oron Shamir

The session will be held in English. Duration: 30 minutes.

12:45 - An Israeli Cinema cocktail, reception for the Israeli Shorts competition.