Idea Bazaar


The festival is presenting The Idea Bazaar for the first time.

During the festival evenings, at the center of Utopian activity, the Tel-Aviv Cinematheque, Utopia will create a dynamic events compound of micro-talks and open discussions, with beer in hand and music in the background, a Utopian “Idea Bazaar”.

The venue will include two stages for micro-talks, fire-side chats, interviews and discussions of varying length, 5-20 minutes long. Speakers from different disciplines – science and technology, humanities and law, culture and art, will share with the audience their thoughts, visions, expectations and anxieties towards the future.

The English speaker at the Bazaar: Johannes Grenzfurthner – new media artist and activist, theater director and filmmaker. Artistic director of the Austrian Monochrom art group. He is the founder of Roboexotica, a festival of robots and alcohol, and ArseElectronika, an annual conference in San Francisco about sex and technology. He will participate in a micro-talk session entitled 'Techno-Sex', on Monday 15/9, 20:30-21:30.

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