Robots in Human Society

Robots in Human Society
Monday 15.9, 17:00 - 20:00 | Hall 2

For the second time at Utopia, the annual mini-symposium "Robots in Human Society" will take place, discussing the ramifications of the introduction of robotics into the human environment from a social and cultural point of view. Robots in Human Society  is an academic forum open to the general public, bringing together scholars from a wide array of academic fields, as well as leading thinkers from the industry and the scientific press. We encourage contrasting points of view from scientists, engineers, humanists, artists, social scientists, law scholars, writers, and others, on this increasingly pertinent topic.

The event is organized and moderated by Dan Halperin (Tel Aviv University), Guy Hoffman (IDC Herzliya) and Lior Zalmanson (Tel Aviv University).

Keynote speakers; Jean-Paul Laumond, Directeur de Recherche at LAAS-CNRS (team Gepetto) in Toulouse, France,  who's attendance was made possible with the assistance of the French InstituteJohannes Grenzfurthner,an Austrian artist, writer, curator, and theatre and film director, Dr. Sharon Toker, head of the organizational behavior department at Tel Aviv University, Tali Regev (BA Tel Aviv University; Phd, MIT), an economist and faculty at the Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya.

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