International Shorts

International Shorts

Monday 15.9, 18:00 - 19:45 | Hall 5

From a quiet, Canadian suburb to the laboratory of an alien researcher, through crumbling Paris and occupied Havana – we have selected four excellent short films. These funny, touching, frightening and thought-provoking films are undoubtedly the best this year’s sci-fi and fantasy shorts.


Dir.: Fantavious Fritz

Starring: Daiva Zalnieriunas, Uri Livne-Bar, Alistair Ball

In the city suburbs, two adventurous youngsters explore a haunted mansion and fall in love with the ghost that resides there. A funny, clever and touching film whose directorial style is reminiscent of the works of Wes Anderson, Spike Jonze and Stanley Kubrick. Screened at the Toronto International Film Festival. (17 minutes, English)

ANAMNESIS (Australia)

Dir.: Ben Goodger

Starring: Mark Hawkins, Sarah Winter

A young scientist is granted access to an alien substance. The substance allows the scientist to experience his own version of a perfect moment over and over again. The film grapples with the question of that perfect moment, and whether one can truly experience it. (25 minutes, English)

7 SCEAUX (France)

Dir.: Jean-Charles Bastion

Starring: Pierre Allain Longval, Eva Moutin, Samsami Issertes, Etienne Labastie, Julie Thuriot, Enzo Orlando, Christophe Perez

In Paris, abandoned after a bombing, a group of youngsters steal, fight and fall in love in the midst of a new subculture. (24 minutes, French)


Dir.: Edouard Salier

Starring: Leoandy Chacon, Ibben Sotolongo, Lizandra Batista

A group of rebels in occupied Havana plan a biological attack with a terrifying new weapon they have developed. A film brimming with action and visual effects, conveying a strong social message. (22 minutes, Spanish, English subtitles)